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About International Shyam Band

Inter National ShyamBand is a notable wedding band inJabalpur, India since 1971. Being a pioneer in the business, we have worked hard to carve a niche for ourselves. Our unique style of music has an unmatched standard which is enviable by our competitors. ShyamBand has been popular for its melodious and jazzy tunes which has left the people tapping their feet to the wonderful beats of the band ever since. The band has the unique ability (because of our professional experience) to arrange ‘popular’ music for weddings. The public across Jabalpur is so fond of ShyamBand such that all they want is only our arrangements. We consider our greatest achievement as the India Got Telnet . Our Band has also performed in a Bollywood movie Matroo Ki Bijali Ka man dola And Lali ki Shadi me ladoo Diwana.


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Narmada Yatra-2016

Shrimad Bhagbat Katha

India's Got Talent